Sunday, 27 May 2012

Service provision...

Seeing as I'm stuck on a train with extortionate wifi, intermittent reception and a grumbling baby, this will be brief.

It's making me think about service provision. Modern Britain is largely built on services - from fraudulent, mythical financial institutions to call centre and more. And it's working well.

This dominant ideology is as busted a flush as Crapper's prototype after his mate used it after twelve pints and a lamb bhuna. It's also becoming a dominant ideology in teaching, with the rise of academies and increasingly privatised education.

What's our role in this? What are our main aims in a league tabled, impersonal, context free world? Are we going to cater to the demands of the wider market, our personal market, or hit it all?

Hit it all, I say. Why not? Beat the system in as many ways as possible.

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