Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Some quality resources for teachers...

The purpose of this blog is to collect a range of resources which I find on twitter. For those of us who are newer to teachnology ed-tech and less confident with the internet in general, I want to get all of that information and create a blog which can act as a library for ideas and other blogs. It can be overwhelming sifting through the information available, so I hope to make it a little easier for some to follow. I always try to credit the people who created the work - apologies if I fail to do this. Let me know and I will rectify it.

These blogs and other articles are a few favourites I have saved up recently from the fantastic people on twitter, including @briankotts @CreativeEdu @mtonus @ianaddison @edteck and @wjputt

These people are all well worth a follow - as well as this the hashtags #edchat #ukedchat and #edtech are vital.

A powerful piece about a learner's needs, from their perspective. (thanks to @CreativeEdu)

I love Hip Hop and its culture and I love this video. is the site that supports this although it is a work in progress (thanks to @sirkenrobinson via @briankotts).

Thanks to @russeltarr for various uses for wordle.

Attaining excellence, thanks to @wjputt.

Lots of e-learning info, regularly updated, thanks to @scoopit via @mtonus.

Project based learning myths debunked thanks to @edteck.

For those who work in EAL / ESL heavy schools, thanks to @tombarrett.

And finally... a superb summer reading list for 10 - 14 year olds from @literacyadviser.


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