Sunday, 11 September 2011

Some links.

Below, you'll find a few links to fantastic ideas which I've saved up on my twitter favourites in the last few months. I've tried to give credit for ideas to those who deserve it, and apologise if I've failed at all.

Happy browsing!

  1. Interesting stuff from @literacyadviser on his travels Down Under, including links to innovative individuals regarding multi-modal and digital literacy.
  2. From @CreativeEdu 's blog, @ReTeach10 on how Twitter has developed their work.
  3. Something I'm sure all teachers (learners?) will love - engaging, learning sessions for CPD from @neilringrose
  4. This link was tweeted during a #UkEdChat by @PivotalEllie about using praise. Always good to get this going and build those positive relationships early in the year.
  5. Never seen visible thinking? You have now, thanks to @whatedsaid.

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